Occasional drawings and renders.

A Lonely Apple

A short film in Blender.



2D/3D graphics engine written in C++11 and modern OpenGL.

  • Vector and matrix library with implementation of complex numbers, quaternions and their dual counterparts for representing transformations.
  • Classes wrapping OpenGL and simplifying its usage with direct state access and automatic fallback for unavailable features.
  • Extensible scene graph which can be modified for each specific usage.
  • Plugin-based data exchange framework, tools for manipulating meshes, textures and images.
  • Pre-made shaders, primitives and other tools for easy prototyping and debugging.


Multiplatform utility library written in C++11.

  • Signal/slot connection library with compile-time argument checking.
  • Plugin management library with static and dynamic plugins and dependency handling.
  • Easy-to-use unit test framework and extensible debugging output.
  • Various utilities to ease multiplatform development.


Multiplatform and easily extensible navigation software.

  • C++ library with minimal dependencies
  • Plugin-based system for maximal modularity and extensibility
  • Viewing online and offline maps simultaenously
  • Qt GUI with intuitive wizard for downloading maps, various tools


Simple utility for playing internet radio streams.

  • Displays currently played track
  • Plasmoid for KDE4 Desktop Environment

Orange Web Engine / Juice

Content management system providing maximal user freedom + multiplatform client for administration.

  • Design-separated independent sections of website with intgrated language localizations
  • Privileges for access restrictions for both users and administrators
  • Threaded discussions, data tagging, detailed statistics
  • Client communicates with server via XML protocol with protection against Man-in-the-middle attack



First czech fansite of Archer TV series.

  • Ran on Orange Web Engine
  • Episode list, information about creators and actors
  • Our own team for translating subtitles

Oficial website of Strmilov and its outskirts.

  • On-line from summer 2002, under my administration till 2012
  • Ran on Orange Web Engine
  • English and German localization
  • Calendar of events with huge archive

Elektronika Petrů

Product catalog and price list.

Penzion Cihelna

Simple promotional website for pension in Strmilov.