Orange Web Engine

Content management system providing maximal user freedom for design and administation. Developed since 2005, written in object-oriented PHP5 and MySQL.

Main features

Absolute control above output

The system alone doesn't print any HTML code, everything is defined by user with templates, so it is theoretically possible to not use HTML at all.

More independent website sections

Possibility to have sections with separated design, which don't depend on each other, yet they can be connected together.

Integration of language localizations

While sections can be absolutely different, localizations are meant to be as coherent as possible without unnecessary additional effort (for example managing separate design versions for particular localizations). Localizations are connected together, so it's possible to automatically create links to other language versions of articles and pages. Localization can be either complete (all data are localized in both languages) or selective (only the most important parts are translated).

Privileges for both users and administrators

Detailed configuration of rights to viewing, adding, editing and removing data in scope for whole section, particular category or one specific data.

Many data types

The system have many data types for specific applications. Nearly all data can be tagged, categorized and commented in threaded discussions.

Detailed statistics

Access to data can be recorded to statistics. There are separated "clicks" (every user acces) and unique visits (one unique visit is a summary of all clicks of given user in in half an hour).

Juice - management client for Orange

Editing article in development version of Juice
Editing article in development version of Juice
XML protocol - request for article list
XML protocol - request for article list

Written in C++/Qt4, communicates with server via XML protocol. Currently under heavy development. Its goal is "freeing the web from web browser" and in comparation with web-broser-based CMSs has many advantages:

  • Login is protected against password sniffing
  • Data sent over internet are digitally signed, which brings protection against Man-in-the-middle atack even on unencrypted connection
  • Secure upload preventing data loss, batch uploading of (for example) images into gallery
  • User-friendly and fast graphical interface

Future plans

  • Server-side data versioning with possibility to revert unwanted changes
  • Extensibility of Juice client with Python scripts (both server-side and client-side)
  • Porting Juice to mobile platforms