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Generally, when you want to play some internet radio, you either have to install bloated browser plugins, or, do someting even worse - dig in crappy HTML sources and look for something what looks like stream URL so you can play it in your favorite player. Awesomely annoying. And this is why HeyTrack is here, it does the hard work entirely for you.

HeyTrack is literally one icon sitting in tray and besides it would sometimes display baloon notification about new track, it doesn't get in your way. HeyTrack can also have an small window, which displays current track or even plasmoid for KDE4 Desktop Environment.

Right click on tray icon displays context menu and you can open configuration or play stream in player.

Supported servers and players

Now you can play radios from and, nothing special for average english-speaking user, but tips for another servers are welcome. You can play them either in VLC (only on Linux) or in embedded player (Phonon).

Extending application with another servers and player is rather easy, for final version I'm thinking about Amarok support (on Linux) and Winamp support (on Windows).

Download and installation of version 1.0 alpha


Download, (don't) read license agreement, click on Next a few times and it's done. HeyTrack will then be in Programs menu.

Linux and other systems

If you are installing from a package, system will take care about it, if you are installing from sources, you must have these dependencies installed: Qt 4.6 and newer, CMake at least version 2.6 and QJSON 0.7 or better.

If you have KDE, Plasmoid for you desktop will be installed, if you have not, it won't. Compile and install package with this comannds (eventaully modify them to suit your operating system):

mkdir -p build
cd build
make -j3 && sudo make install

Known issues

Because this is alpha version, it has to have some bugs:

  • Some stations on are not working (e.g. Český Rozhlas)
  • Phonon player doesn't work on Windows

Error reporting, collaboration with development, translations etc.

I will surely appreciate any help with development like error reporting, translations into another languages or - mainly - support for another servers and players. You can participiate on GitHub or in any other way.

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