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» Reply 10.09.2010 12:34 | Bernhard Friedreich | web | Thanks!
Thank you very much! I've experienced this crash before this blog post existed and I didn't know about any problems beforehand... I got crazy trying to rebuild everything custom I had on my system (qt-git, kdevelop-git, kdevplatform-git, ...) but nothing fixed it...

thanks again I'm soon going to try it out :)

PS: looks like your captcha is broken in firefox oO wasn't able to submit - now using chrome...
(error message: "Input error: Invalid referer") and no captcha is shown at all
» Reply 10.09.2010 14:14 | mosra | web | Oops...
I completely forgot about this recaptcha thing, it was bound to old domain name and I forgot to update it when I moved to another domain.

I have to fix it as soon as possible, because blog without working comments is useless :-)
reCaptcha should be fixed now.

Many thanks for noticing the error :)