Kompas 0.1.2 - packaged for your favourite distribution


This version finally brings packages for openSUSE, Fedora, Mandriva, Ubuntu and Debian. Besides that, there is a new historical map plugin and also some crash fixes.

What's new

This release contains mainly compilation fixes and internal changes related to packaging. See full changelog for list of all changes.

New features

  • Packages for openSUSE 11.3, 11.4; Fedora 12, 13; Mandriva 2010.1; Ubuntu 10.04, 10.10 and Debian 6.
  • New plugins:
    • MapQuest Open maps
    • Historic aerial maps of Czech Republic, photographed during 1950s


  • Important: Plugins on Linux are now named differently and stored in different directory, after update just click on Reset defaults in Plugin configuration dialog, restart Kompas and everything should be fine. If it does not help, delete directory ~/.kompas.
  • Not showing horizontal scrollbars in Map options dock.
  • Showing distance in Distance Meter in usable units (kilometers rather than meters).


  • Fixed zombie plugin behaviour when plugin failed to load and was still added to "Required by" list of its dependencies.
  • On some filesystems Plugin dialog didn't show any plugins.
  • Fixed color balance of "Not Found" tile.
  • Fixed some crashes related to map data downloading
  • Projection plugins weren't automatically loaded on startup.
  • Updated Google Maps plugin.
  • Many compilation and installation fixes.
KompasDownload 0.1.2

Upcoming features in version 0.2

As you can see, this release doesn't contain any shiny new feature. If nothings breaks badly, next released version will be 0.2 with a lot of new features. Some highlights:

  • Session support - yeah, the gray button on main screen won't be gray anymore and you will be able save zoom level and position on your actually opened map for the next time.
  • Planet support - interplanetary travelling will be an important bussiness in near future, so why to be bound only to Earth? You will be able not only to view maps of Moon, Mars and other astronomical bodies, but also measuring distances with a very precise algorithm - in my test, measured diameter of some Mars craters was different from what Wikipedia says only by 1%!
  • Map data caching and more intelligent map data downloading for smoother map viewing experience.
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Discussion: 2 comments

I'd download the packages for my Ubuntu 10.10. My computer is a EeePC 701 (800x480), the Kompas' window seems to be unadapted for a low resolution 800x480, i can't resize the window too.

I can start a virtual resolution 1024x600, for the main window it's ok but with the "Load Online Map" window, 600 is too short.
My highest priority is now to develop an mobile version of Kompas, which should run better on small resolutions, mainly on nokia n900 and other touch-enabled devices.

Although I admit that the window is a bit oversized (because of that huge "welcome screen" and crowded dock with map options) and it can probably be cut down to more reasonable size.